First day in THE GAMBIA

I finally made it to The Gambia, and it’s not nearly as bad as I expected it to be. When our plane landed it was raining. We still have about 2-3 weeks before rainy season is over. It wasn’t even as hot as I thought it would be. To be perfectly honest, aside from the quality of the buildings the area that we arrived in is quite reminiscent of the delta. Beautiful green fields and dirt roads. A real country boy’s dream. Lol. Although the view is similar, there are also some major differences. Examples would be water quality, lack of ac/electricity and of course the language and cultural differences. All in all I’m really enjoying myself so far. Our training starts in the morning and in a couple of days weeks we’ll be assigned a new language and training village. In the training village they will focus on developing our language skills and cultural knowledge, which makes it easier for us to integrate into our new communities once training is over.  
I had a great day and really look forward to working with the beautiful people of this country and getting to know my fellow volunteers better. They really are an amazing group of people. We’re supposed to be receiving our in country cells phones really soon, so I’m happy about that as well. I’ll blog more when I have an opportunity. And as always, I love you guys.  


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