Into the unknown. . . 

This count down is REAL! I only have 4 days left before I’m on a plane and headed to philly. I’m going to arrive a day early to see the sights and enjoy the local cuisine. Staging starts soon after and then my new best friends and I will be swept up into a whirlwind of mystery and adventure. 

I often make plans for my life never really knowing what the outcome will be. Making plans is kinda like baking cookies for the first time. You’ve seen others do it and you have the recipe, but you’re always a little on edge because there’s the possibility that they will taste better/worse than you expect them to! Well, that’s how I feel about life. I’ve seen what success looks like and I’ve made plans to accomplish the things that I believe will make me happy and bring me success, but in the end things rarely go exactly how you planned for them to. My dad always told me “no one really ever plans to fail, they just fail to plan”. My dad is full of little nuggets of wisdom like this. He’s awesome AND correct (most of the time) ha. Planning is essential if you want a desired result. It may not always be the result you envisioned, but as long as you have a plan you should land pretty close to your mark. In my experience, things almost always turn out better than I expect. 

I’ve said all of that to say this. In 4 days I will be walking into the unknown. My world will be turned completely inside out. I’m nervous because sometimes I feel as though I’m literally walking into the unknown, but I’m extremely optimistic and excited because experience has taught me that my results are going to be greater than I can imagine!  

If I could leave you with anything, it would be this. 

Walk boldly into the unknown. Plan but don’t let those plans keep you from living. Take in every experience and savor it. You are well on your way to becoming who you desire to be, but the first few steps will always be into the unknown. Never let that scare you.  Just embrace the possibilities that await you on the other side…



One thought on “Into the unknown. . . 

  1. You are going to do great things, Rashad. This is just the beginning.! Keep God first and keep stepping out boldly. I hope you truly enjoy this journey/experience. Have a safe trip!


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